About CVC

CVC manages capital on behalf of over 300 institutional, governmental and private investors worldwide. Over the years, we have secured commitments of more than US$71 billion in funds from our investors (including CVC Credit Partners). The capital of our investors is committed for ten years or more to closed-end funds that we manage on their behalf.

In our private equity business, we use these funds to acquire controlling or significant minority interests in European, Asian and North American companies. We buy companies in partnership with their management teams and assist in developing plans to create sustainable long-term value.

In our private debt business, CVC Credit Partners uses its funds to invest in debt instruments issued principally by companies that are owned by private equity funds.

CVC has completed over 300 investments in a wide range of industries and countries across the globe. Today, CVC's funds are invested in 50 companies worldwide which employ over 350,000 people and generate combined annual sales of approximately US$100 billion.

Our investment teams, located in over 20 offices across three continents, are responsible for identifying and developing investment opportunities in their regions. Despite the diversity of nationalities, they share a common investment philosophy developed as the result of decades of local presence as private equity investors, teamwork between CVC offices in acquiring multinational companies and central oversight by experienced and seasoned private equity professionals. The large majority of CVC's senior investment professionals have been with CVC for 10 years or more.

CVC believe that simple rules of ownership can generate significant value for a business and its stakeholders. The consistent application of these rules over three decades of investing in hundreds of companies in numerous countries has allowed us to generate superior returns for our discerning and experienced investors.

CVC Evolution

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