The Prince’s Trust gives practical and financial support to disadvantaged 13 to 30-year-olds, helping them to become productive members of society

Merlin’s Magic Wand is a worldwide charity for children which provides free days out at Merlin attractions for ill, disabled or disadvantaged young people

Impetus is a venture philanthropy organisation which provides a package of grants and support to non-profit organisations focused on breaking the cycle of poverty

The Private Equity Foundation aims to empower young people to reach their full potential

NESsT develops sustainable social enterprises that help address the critical social problems in Central and Eastern Europe

The European Venture Philanthropy Association promotes venture philanthropy initiatives across Europe

Key philanthropy projects

Fundación Tomillo

The youth unemployment rate in Spain (age 15-29) is 21% against the EU average of 13% (source: Eurostat July 2012). Founded in 1983, Fundación Tomillo works solely in the Madrid area delivering a wide range of programmes from early year’s education, to school-to work transition, job training, self employment and entrepreneurship skills.  In 2012, the number of people served by Tomillo programmes was 29,239. Tomillo had an average of 303 employees and 414 volunteers during 2012.

CVC’s donation will be restricted to supporting the development of Tomillo’s entrepreneurship and education programmes. CVC’s non-financial contribution will come from assisting Tomillo to develop its microfinance programme and through introducing Spanish portfolio companies  as potential providers of training opportunities for young people and as volunteer mentors.

IMC Weekend School

IMC Weekend School provides supplementary education for 10-14 year olds from underprivileged neighbourhoods in the bigger cities of the Netherlands. The first Weekend School opened in 1998 in Amsterdam South-East and there are currently nine branches; 900 students per Sunday and 972 alumni.

IMC Weekend School introduces motivated students to numerous interesting disciplines in the worlds of sciences, arts and cultural studies. Volunteer experts serve as guest teachers who provide an overview of their disciplines while working together with the students.

The three-year curriculum comprises fifteen disciplines, such as medicine, law, journalism, philosophy, poetry, mathematics, astrology, visual arts and entrepreneurship. In addition, there are courses in presentation, research, debate, and conflict resolution.

Objectives of the Weekend School are to help children from under-resourced communities to improve their perspectives, to acquire self-confidence and to acquire a sense of belonging to Dutch society.


The Private Equity Foundation brings strategic resources to charities and social enterprises working to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK. To achieve this aim, Impetus - PEF provides management expertise and pro bono business skills, alongside long-term funding, to organisations it believes are ready to become game-changers, with the potential to really move the needle on the most persistent social problems.


Part of a national organisation in America, Jumpstart's New York affiliate uses a corps of nearly 400 college student volunteers to provide small group tutoring to pre-school children. The aim of the organisation is to improve school readiness for low-income children as research has shown that intervening early can help break the cycle of academic underachievement.

During 2011, the Jumpstart programme in New York City reached 2090 children in 30 schools around the city. CVC staff in the New York office have engaged with Jumpstart as volunteer readers and a senior CVC executive is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the national organisation.

Merlin's Magic Wand

In 2011, CVC began working with the charitable foundation of one of its portfolio companies, Merlin Entertainments. Merlin's Magic Wand Foundation (MMW) provides free days out to disabled, sick or disadvantaged children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy a Merlin attraction. During the year, 37,000 children around the world benefitted from the programme.

The CVC Foundation has made a multi-year grant to MMW to enable it to extend its programme to benefit more children. Working together with MMW, CVC has been pleased to be able to organise over 300 free days out at Merlin's attractions to our charity partners.

In November, MMW and the UK Deal Team hosted an event at Madame Tussaud's in London for participants in the "Teens and Toddlers" programme, run by the charity, COUI. The "Teens and Toddlers" programme is designed to keep teenagers in school and lower the risk of teen pregnancy through a teen-toddler mentoring programme delivered in deprived areas of London.


2011, the CVC Foundation made a multi-year grant to social enterprise fund, NESsT, which operates in Central and Eastern Europe. Social enterprises are businesses whose primary aim is to produce a social benefit and whose profits are reinvested in the enterprise Through NESsT's involvement, these organisations gain a package of support including loans, grants and advice over a period of several years.

Working with NESsT, CVC is backing a portfolio of four social enterprises located in Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic focused on employing disadvantaged young people. In addition, CVC staff are assisting NESsT in reviewing business plans submitted for its social enterprise competitions and are using their contacts and network to assist the underlying enterprises to achieve their strategic plans.

New Entrepreurs Foundation

The New Entrepreneurs Foundation's ("NEF") mission is to create a new generation of outstanding entrepreneurs who will play a role in Britain's future growth and prosperity and create new market-leading businesses. They do this by selecting 30 of the UK's brightest, most entrepreneurially minded young people each year and providing them with hands-on experience, skills and networks to build scalable businesses.

Their unique 12-month programme consists of four main components; a paid work placement, a 10 month learning and development programme, monthly speaker and networking events and an Executive Coach for each New Entrepreneur.

As youth employment remains at high levels throughout the UK, programmes like this help to nurture young talent by providing the practical support they need and may not have access to in their everyday life. A portion of CVC's donation is being used for bursaries to help NEF Fellowes and some CVC employees are volunteering as mentors.

The Prince's Trust

CVC, along with the Amazon Trust and the Jersey Youth Service, are funding a new, multi-year initiative though the Prince's Trust to help young people in Jersey gain academic and skills qualifications, increase their employability and foster self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The Prince's Trust has run programmes in Jersey since 2006 and has helped 400 young people to date; 80% of whom later progressed to employment, training or further education (NEET).

This new initiative builds on the success achieved by Prince's Trust in Jersey and aims to help an additional 1,434 young people who might otherwise become NEET.


CVC is working with Social Ventures, a well established organisation committed to creating social impact in Hong Kong by empowering innovative and sustainable social solutions through a venture philanthropy model. Through a collaborative network in the city, they support a number of projects, one of which is Playtao where CVC funding will be focussed.

playtaoPlaytao aims to address Hong Kong's growing education needs by providing an afterschool childcare and education program targeted towards children of low-income families. They believe this approach raises skills and knowledge for the children while freeing up the parents' time to pursue employment thus improving family life. CVC's donation is being used to accelerate the expansion of the programme to more schools.

Street League

CVC became involved with Street League through their partnership with Impetus Trust. Impetus provides both money and hands-on management to carefully selected charities such as Street League with the potential to grow.

Street League is a charity that delivers structured football and education programmes aimed at young people not in employment, education or training. Having proven its model in three cities, the charity has plans to grow to 12 locations in Britain by 2014.

Teen and Toddlers

The CVC Foundation has become a sponsor of Teens and Toddlers, a charity which inspires disadvantaged young people in poor areas to succeed at school, in work and in the community. It does this by giving them the life skills and self-belief they need to understand who they are, who they can become and what they can achieve. Through 12 years of evaluation, Teens and Toddlers can prove that this approach increases the educational attainment of the young people and prevents them becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training) and teen parents.

Since it was founded in 2001, Teens and Toddlers has reached 11,428 children and young people in over 200 schools countrywide. The charity has an ambitious strategy to expand to reach 8,200 young people and children a year by 2018/19 which CVC would like to assist.

Evaluation of Teens and Toddlers programmes have also shown a marked improvement in attendance (61%), behaviour (54%) and attitude (61%), all crucial for achieving at school and preventing social exclusion.

For further information please visit the charities website:

Toekomst Atelier De L'Avenir

CVC is the founding supporter of TAA in Belgium, a charity already established in the Netherlands which runs weekend schools for underprivileged children. The central idea is to give children clearer focus on what they can achieve in life through inspirational and motivational schooling. The children targeted are between 10 and 14 years of age and are from local disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Subjects taught vary from introductions to Journalism, Law and Medicine to Film/Photography and also general social skills including anger management.

CVC has worked with IMC Weekend Schools in the Netherlands since 2011 but in 2012 added further funding to establish a similar programme to Belgium.

The programme is also supported by individuals in our Brussels and Amsterdam offices who contribute by being guest speakers at the schools or by fundraising through sporting events.

Venture for America

The CVC Foundation has become a sponsor of Venture for America (VFA), a charity which trains talented young graduates to become entrepreneurs in areas of need throughout the US. Through a structured training program and placement for two years in a start up business, VFA creates a pathway for young people who want to learn how to build companies and create jobs. The aim is that a substantial proportion of these will become successful entrepreneurs, ideally staying to work in the communities to which they are assigned. The overriding purpose of VFA is job generation and the charity has a goal of generating 100,000 new U.S. jobs by 2025.


Enactus is a worldwide network which operates in 36 countries through chapters at nearly 2,000 colleges and universities. Enactus students work together with business leaders on innovative solutions to social problems in their communities and abroad.

Along with CVC’s donation, since working with Enactus Executives from seven of CVC’s offices London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw and San Francisco have taken part in judging panels for Enactus’ social enterprise competitions.

St Joseph’s School

St Joseph’s is an inner-city London primary school serving primary school children from the ages 5-11.

Along with the voluntary reading and maths programme that CVC staff participate in, CVC’s funding is designed supplements the school’s resources with carefully selected expenditure designed to enrich the childrens’ academic experience and lead to improved levels of attainment. The parent reading and math’s mentoring programme is delivered by volunteers in a small group setting and is designed to improve literacy and numeracy and provide role models to stretch the children and build their confidence.

Social Impact Partners

Social Impact Partners (SIP) is a Hong Kong-based venture philanthropy firm whose mission is to enable sustainable change to systemic social issues.

As a financing and strategic partner to growth-stage social purpose organisations, SIP create tailored solutions that help develop the sustainability and scalability that social purpose organisations need to achieve organisational maturity.

Address issues pertaining to youth and disadvantaged children is one of the key areas of focus for the fund which is consistent with the CVC Foundation.

London Youth works with over 400 youth clubs in London, serving 23,000 young people.

London Youth is a network of diverse community youth organisations serving young people of all backgrounds right across the capital.

CVC provides funding to c.5-10 youth clubs in the London to enable them to run activities for disadvantaged young people in the summer holidays. During the 7 week summer break there is a need to provide activities to divert young people from becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour and to engage them in activities that will help improve their life chances and the communities where they live.