CVC Advisers

Over the years, CVC has nurtured and developed close relationships with company Chairmen and CEOs, who originate from diverse industry backgrounds, many of whom have worked in more than one CVC portfolio company – these form part of our country advisory boards which provide key support evaluating new opportunities and advising our investment professionals during the transaction process.

CVC also has a team of industrial partners and advisers that work throughout Europe, Asia and the US. They are experienced industrialists who bring expertise and focus on value improvements in CVC’s investments and often serve on the board of directors of our portfolio companies. Together, their input plays an important part in the origination and execution of transactions, complementing our investment professionals with their industry expertise, as well as creating long-term sustainable value within our portfolio companies.

Through our local advisory boards, CVC and our portfolio companies benefit from the knowledge and experience of senior industry professionals across a broad array of sectors.

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ForenameSurnameIndustry experienceCountry
Karel De Gucht Industrial, Financial Services, Public Affairs, European Law Belgium
Jacques de Vaucleroy Financial Services Belgium
Duco Sickinghe Telecom, IT, Media Belgium
Johnny Thijs Business Services, Consumer Belgium
Joost van Heyningen Nanninga HR; executive search Belgium
Aldo Cardoso Business services, Financial services, Communicati France
Gérard Hauser Industry France
Wolfgang Colberg Chemicals, industrials, consumer durables, utilities Germany
Jürgen Heraeus Engineering and construction; IT Germany
Thomas Hesse Media Germany
Horst Wildemann Logistics and production; engineering; automotive and electronics Germany
Pramod Bhasin Hong Kong
Tze-Ching Chan Financial services Hong Kong
Francis Leung Hong Kong
Robert Rettani Chemical, Pharmaceutical Italy
Tsunehiro Watabe Financial services Japan
Antony Burgmans Consumer products, retail, energy Netherlands
Wilco Jiskoot Mergers and acquisitions Netherlands
Daniel Ropers e-commerce Netherlands
Janus Smalbraak International trading, services Netherlands
Robert Van den Bergh Media Netherlands
Robert-Jan van Ogtrop Food and beverage; retail; renewable energy Netherlands
Dick Verbeek (Re-)insurance, risk management, corporate finance Netherlands
Svein Jacobsen Engineering; retail; technology Norway
Florentino M. Herrera III Legal Philippines
Santiago Ramírez Larrauri Engineering and business Spain
Peter Törnquist Private Equity Sweden
John Taylor Chemicals Switzerland
Can Paker Retail, Technology Turkey
Christopher Bown Legal affairs United Kingdom
Richard Bulkley United Kingdom
Trevor Chinn Automotive United Kingdom
Eric Daniels Financial services United Kingdom
Crispin Davis Food and beverage United Kingdom
Julian Horn Smith Telecommunications; financial institutions United Kingdom
Lorna Parker United Kingdom
Tim Parker Automotive; retail United Kingdom
John Sunderland Food and beverage United Kingdom
Jim Sutcliffe Financial institutions United Kingdom
Steven Bollenbach Hospitality United States of America
Rose Marie Bravo Retail United States of America
Michael Critelli Financial services United States of America
Dean Eisner Consumer services United States of America
Jeffrey Keefer Chemicals United States of America
Edward Kolodzieski Consumer products, retail and supply chain United States of America
Linda Fayne Levinson Leisure United States of America
Brad Martin Retail United States of America
Ross Pillari Utilities United States of America
Thomas Renyi Financial services United States of America
Steve Sadove Food retail United States of America
Jack Stahl Consumer products United States of America
Robert Steele Consumer goods; retail United States of America
Shlomo Yanai Healthcare, Industrials, Business Services United States of America
John Zillmer Chemical distribution, waste mgmt., concessions United States of America