Our Specialist Teams

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Financial Services Team
Set up in 2008, the Financial Services team has focused on transactions within the financial services sector. The team has members in Europe, US and Asia.

Capital Markets Team

Capital Markets Team
The Capital Markets Team is concerned with all capital market aspects of each investment across its life cycle and supports CVC's bank and debt/public equity investor relationships.


Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Team
The CEE team concentrates on acquiring companies based in Central and Eastern Europe. All of the team members sit in Europe.


Operations Team
The Operations team works in close partnership with our existing deal and Capital Markets teams in order to effect operational improvements within our portfolio companies.

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Telecoms, Media & Technology (TMT) Team
The TMT team was set up in 2008 to drive our investments globally together with our local offices in the Telecom, Media and Technology sectors. The team is in Europe, US East and West Coast, and Asia.