Paroc is one of the leading producers of high quality stone wool insulation in the Nordic, Baltic and Russian regions, producing building insulation and technical insulation, as well as panels. Paroc holds #1 position in core markets (65% of sales) - Finland, Sweden and the Baltics - with market shares ranging between 35-55% in relevant segments with attractive relative market share to largest peer.

The company has four business units: Building insulation (walls, roofs, acoustic and fire insulation), Technical insulation (pipes, HVACs, air ducts, mats), Panel systems (ceiling, partitions, external walls), and Russia (Building and Technical insulation).

The company has attractive and increasingly resilient product mix providing for broad end customer base and sales channels, as higher value add technical insulation products are growing faster than traditional building insulation products.

The Company has 9 localized production facilities in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. They have a broadly diversified customer base in commercial, residential and industrial end-markets.

We look forward to taking Paroc forward in close cooperation with CVC, who are supportive of our strategy. CVC offer us a depth of experience and a strong track record with value-creating investments, expertise in the building materials sector and in the Nordic region. We are excited to share with CVC the next phase of our growth.

Kari Lehtinen, CEO

Date of investment

February 2015


Fund VI


Stone wool insulation producer


Northern Europe and Russia


€420 million

Number of employees



Kari Lehtinen

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