Linxens is a pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacturing of smartcard connectors.
Connectors allow communication between a smart card and an electronic reader. They are a vital component of smart cards, enabling communication, identification and transactions through end-user devices like smartphones, credit cards, ID and health cards.

Linxens has broadened its solution-based product offering with the manufacturing of antennas and inlays to serve applications like contactless payment, transport and access, electronic passports and eID.

Linxens is also present in the fast growing LED business where it supplies innovative flexible LED light sources, leveraging its high quality and high volume manufacturing capability.

Linxens operates five manufacturing facilities and three research and development centres in Europe and Asia


We are very excited to continue our trajectory of global growth and innovation with the support of CVC and its network, which provides Linxens with the resources, relationships and expertise we need as we embark on the next stage of our evolution.

Christophe Duverne, CEO

Date of investment

October 2015


Fund VI


Smart card connectors, antennas & inlays. Led light sources




€320 million

Number of employees



Christophe Duverne

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