In February 2007, CVC Funds acquired Fraikin, a leading commercial vehicle operational leasing company operating in France, the UK and a number of other European countries.

The business has three main activities:

  1. long term leasing of trucks and vans;
  2. long term fleet management for third parties; and
  3. short term rentals.

Since September 2015, the company manages a fleet of 57,000 vehicles, making it the most extensive independent fleet in Europe.

Fraikin ranks number one in France and number two in the UK, Spain and Belgium thanks to its unique network of 200 service points. Overall, approximately 85% of Fraikin revenues are linked to long term contracts up to nine years (four and a half years on average).

Fraikin serves a diversified portfolio of 7,000 customers. The company clients include companies for whom transport is not the core businesses and transporters for third parties.

Date of investment

February 2007


Fund IV


Long-term truck and van rental




€656 million

Number of employees



Pierre-Louis Colin

Company website