SPi Global

SPi is the largest global offshore service provider for digital content solutions. Primarily serving clients based in U.S. and Europe, SPi has a global team of 12,000 employees across 14 locations in six countries including the Philippines, India, US, China, Vietnam and Nicaragua.

SPi provides a comprehensive suite of knowledge and technology driven services to top research and learning publishers, encompassing the entire digital publishing value chain, including content creation, enrichment, curation and production. It also provides tailored business application solutions such as database engineering and analytics services to media, financial services and information services companies in the Fortune 1000.

We welcome CVC’s support for SPi Global to invest and grow its established leadership in digital content solutions space. We will continue to transform ourselves into the leading technology-enabled solutions provider for design, enrichment and management of digital content.

Ratan Datta, CEO

Date of investment

April 2013


Asia III


Business Process Outsourcing




US$145 million

Number of employees



Ratan Datta

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