Zena Group

In May 2001, CVC Capital Partners and other partners signed an agreement to create the Zena Group (‘Zena’). Today, Zena is a leading Spanish casual dining and fast-food restaurant group, composed of a mix of owned brands such as Foster´s Hollywood, Cañas y Tapas, La Vaca Argentina, Il Tempietto, Nostrus and franchises, including Burger King and Domino's Pizza.

The company currently operates 435 sites. Zena’s multi-brand approach to its operations gives it strong bargaining power in contrast to shopping malls, relatively low operational costs and a number of attractive synergies in human resources, purchasing power and overhead structure.

The market has shown consistent and considerable growth rates in recent years. Zena represented a good opportunity to invest in what was the first and largest multi-brand fast-food chain in Spain, with a view to taking part in the consolidation of the sector in Spain.

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Fast food and casual dining restaurant chain