VolkerWessels Stevin N.V.

VolkerWessels Stevin N.V. (‘VWS’) is one of the three large Dutch construction conglomerates, commanding leading positions in the Dutch infrastructural construction and (non-) residential and property development markets. In addition, the company has significant positions in the UK construction and fast growing North American land development markets.

With a history dating back more than 150 years, VWS today consists of 40 main operating companies, all active under their own brands in their specific markets, with over 10,000 members of staff in total.

Although VWS is active throughout the entire value chain, its competitive strength lies in its leading position in pre-construction activities such as development, design, engineering and project management – maintaining a significantly higher margin business. VWS’ strategy aims to develop its orchestrating function in its larger projects, whilst allowing sub-contractors to carry out the commoditised construction itself.

During recent years, VWS has built-up a successful track record in acquiring and effectively integrating smaller companies at attractive multiples. It has also expanded its position in the UK through a number of acquisitions. Going forward, we envisage continuing this strategy, further growing the attractive segments of VWS.

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