Raet is the Netherlands' largest service provider in the field of IT solutions for Human Resources and outsourcing of HR processes. Raet's HR-portal Youforce offers customers and their employees a full range of HR software solutions to help drive corporate profits. Built around an employee-centric model, Raet's solutions support their ambition to help organization's remain competitive.

The company's cutting edge technology Youforce, based on 'Software as a Service' (SaaS), optimises HR processes such as absence management, recruitment, talent management and workforce management, as well as supporting basic HR and payroll administration. It makes them available anytime, anyplace, anywhere and on any de-vice. Easy access and use via a web browser provides "always on" interaction, making the system more effective both for employees and managers looking for timely, accu-rate data on the performance of themselves as well as their staff. This enables compa-nies to implement business-oriented HR.

As the main sponsor of the NVP (the industry association for Personnel Management and Organisational Development), Raet also contributes to the development of the pro-fession. Raet currently has approximately 1.000 employees and provides services to 10.000 clients with a total of 1.6 million employees, which makes Raet the leader in the Dutch market.

Raet is now bringing these innovative mobile solutions to the international market.

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