In March 2011, CVC Funds acquired the Spanish business, Capio Spain (rebranded to Idcsalud two years later and more recently to Quironsalud), of the Swedish healthcare group, Capio. Quironsalud is the leading private healthcare operator in Spain with revenues of € 2,185 m in 2015. It manages a nationwide portfolio of 84 hospitals and medical centres and has a total staff of 35,000 people. Quironsalud is a reputed operator which owns flagship hospitals in the most affluent regions (Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga), with the best brand awareness.

Quironsalud has become the clear leader in Spanish hospital market: the company has a well-balanced and diversified profile both by geography (Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia, Balearics, CLM, Basque Country) and by revenue source (private and public). The private business is done with main Spanish insurance companies (e.g. Adeslas, Sanitas and Mapfre) and out-of-the-pocket money from patients. Public healthcare is administered by regional governments with whom Quironsalud has long term contracts (10-30 years). The company has a strong asset base and well-invested hospital network.

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