In 1997, CVC Funds acquired Bermármol, the second largest company that extracts, produces and exports marble in Spain.

In 2006, CVC Funds exited its investment in Bermármol; since July 2007, the company has subsequently operated under the control of Levantina, a former competitor in the marble industry.

Bermármol today employs over 150 professionals and is headquartered in Novelda, Alicante. It runs its own modern network of quarries and factories, achieving almost 90% of its annual sales in exports abroad. This network has allowed the company to guarantee the supply of strategic materials and undertake large scale projects with confidence. One of the most significant marble quarries is ‘Crema Marfil’ in Pinoso, Alicante, the largest marble quarry in the world that yields around 1.4 million tons of this variety of marble every year. In 2006, the company generated a turnover of €25 million.

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Stone and marble extraction, production and exporting