Bols Royal Distilleries

Bols Royal Distilleries is the leader in the Dutch spirits market with a portfolio of own and agency brands. The group has operations in the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary and Curacao.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Bols is one of the oldest Dutch companies still active today and the oldest distillery in the world, a longstanding and leading brand in the art of mixing and blending. The ability to innovate and to have a good relationship with professional bartenders worldwide has been essential to the success of the distillery. The company employs a relatively small team of around 30 people.

In 2006, the company produced three million boxes of alcohol distributed to over 110 countries worldwide, producing a turnover of around €95 million. Of this turnover, approximately 70% was generated abroad. Important strategic partners of the company are the distributor, Maxxium and producer, Avandis.

In 2000, Bols was sold to Rémy Cointreau. In april 2006, the company became independent by means of a buy-out by the management and AAC Capital Partners. Since then, the company has managed the production, distribution, sales and marketing of the brands Bols, Galliano, Vaccari, Pisang Ambon, Bokma, Hartevelt, Coebergh and a large group of other Dutch liqueurs.

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