Brunner Mond

Brunner Mond is a major international manufacturer and UK-based producer of soda ash (sodium carbonate), to create the holding company, Brunner Mond Holdings. After selling the company in 1994, CVC Funds completed the reacquisition of the company in 1998 for €257 million.

Brunner Mond is the second largest European manufacturer and supplier of other associated alkaline chemicals, including refined sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride, key raw materials for a widespread customer base used to produce many essential everyday items: glass, detergents, confectionery, dialysis treatments and the purification of drinking water. Some of the company’s main products include: Alkakarb® used in animal feeds, Sodakarb® for the food industry; Briskarb® for flue gas treatment and Pharmakarb® for the pharmaceutical industry.

Brunner Mond’s European business is based in the UK and the Netherlands. The Brunner Mond Group also owns the Magadi Soda Company of Kenya and a distribution terminal at Durban, South Africa.

Today, Brunner Mond is wholly owned by Tata Chemicals Ltd., the world’s second largest producer of soda ash. It is part of the Tata Group of India which has a rapidly expanding presence in Europe through a process of merger and acquisition.

Year of investment

1991 / 1998


Soda ash production