Luxfer Group (British Aluminium Holdings)

In 1996, CVC Funds co-led the acquisition of British Aluminium, subsequently renamed Luxfer Group, the British downstream business of the Canadian group, Alcan Aluminium.

Luxfer is a leading manufacturer of light metals, producing advanced alloys of magnesium and aluminium; components in aluminium, magnesium and carbon composites; and chemically-derived compounds of zirconium.

Luxfer is comprised of three divisions: Gas Cylinders (producing extruded aluminium and composite high-pressure gas cylinders); Elektron (manufacturing zirconium-based chemicals and magnesium products); and Specialty Aluminium (focused on specialty extrusions and drawn extruded tube). The company currently employs around 1,600 people in 26 countries and operates 17 manufacturing plants in the UK, US, France, Czech Republic, Canada and China, plus joint ventures in Japan and India.

Luxfer has pioneered the use of these materials in high-tech industries for over sixty years; the focus lies in developing specialist materials and enhancing the properties and performance of these materials for use in demanding applications worldwide, including for the automotive, aerospace, defence, medical, rail and emergency services industries.

In recent decades, the range has been extended to embrace modern lightweight alternatives, such as carbon composites, and also a whole new product range of advanced materials in zirconium, one of the alloying agents used in Luxfer´s high performance magnesium alloys. This was initially developed for very demanding aerospace applications. In 2007, CVC Funds fully exited the investment in the company.

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