Semcon Engineering

CVC Funds acquired Semcon Engineering in a management buy-out in May 1996 from VBB AB, a leading Swedish engineering consultancy and technology development company, for €22 million.

Renamed today Semcon, the company provides engineering services and product information and acts as a consulting business with particular core disciplines in mechanical and electrical engineering. It is organised into three business areas: Automotive R&D, Design & Development and Information. Since the company started in 1980, Semcon has gathered extensive experience and expertise creating its own unique tools to design, develop and construct products and technical information for some of the world’s most successful companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical and telecoms industries.

The company today operates 40 sites across three continents. It has around 3,000 employees and annual sales of around €300 million in 2008. Semcon’s shares are currently listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm under the SEMC ticker.

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