In March 2005, CVC Funds acquired Mivisa. Mivisa is Spain’s leading manufacturer of tinplate cans for the food industry, mainly canned fruits and vegetables, fish and meat products. The company is the third largest producer in Europe. It also has significant market shares in food cans in France, Holland, Portugal and Morocco. The product range includes cans and lids for various food segments such as fruit, fish, vegetables and pet food. In addition, the company is the worldwide leading supplier of easy-open ends.

Mivisa’s manufacturing structure is based on six major plants, five strategically distributed around Spain and one in Holland, deploying cutting edge technologies for both production operations and quality control. In an industry where prices and lead times are crucial, Mivisa’s key strengths are its efficiency in manufacturing and its ability to deliver the best service to customers with time-sensitive orders.

The acquisition of Mivisa represented an opportunity to buy a market leading business with attractive growth prospects, well invested facilities and an established and highly regarded management team. One of CVC’s main objectives was to expand Mivisa’s international presence, both organically and through acquisitions.

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