Elster Group

Based in Essen, Germany, Elster is one of the world's largest providers of gas, electricity and water meters and related communications, networking and software solutions. The company's products help to accurately and reliably measure gas, electricity and water consumption as well as enable energy efficiency and conservation. The company's worldwide utility customer base uses its smart meters and solutions in their implementation of Smart Grids and its smart or manual-read meters in traditional metering applications. With more than 200 million meters deployed over the last 10 years alone, Elster has one of the most extensive installed meter bases in the world.

Employing approximately 7,000 members of staff and owning subsidiaries in over 35 countries, Elster is active in over 130 markets worldwide with a particular focus on North America and Western Europe. The high quality products and systems Elster manufactures reflect the company's wealth of knowledge and experience, based on 170 years of commitment to the metering of energy and valuable resources.

Elster was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2010 and a follow-on offering of Elster shares was placed in April 2011. Following the IPO and follow-on offering, the CVC funds remained the largest shareholder in the Company. In late June 2012, Melrose plc, a UK-listed industrial conglomerate, announced a public take-over offer for Elster which closed successfully in August 2012 and marked the CVC funds' final exit from the Elster investment.

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Energy, gas and water meters and Smart Grid solutions