SEAT Pagine Gialle

In March 2003, CVC Funds formed a consortium to buy the 62.5% stake in Seat Pagine Gialle held by Telecom Italia.

SEAT Pagine Gialle SpA (‘SEAT’) is a leading European directory advertising, web marketing services and business information group, based in Italy, with significant activities in Germany and the UK.

SEAT is Italy’s largest directory advertising company (yellow and white pages across three media: print, online and voice) as well as Italy’s largest web marketing services company (design, content and visibility products). In Italy, SEAT has almost 500,000 clients, designed around 80,000 websites (mostly in 2009) and distributed some 47.6 million volumes to homes and offices.

SEAT also owns Telegate AG in Germany (second largest directory assistance player) and Thomson Directories in the UK (third largest directory player). SEAT is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and, as at 30 November 2010, its market capitalisation stood at €162 million (share price of €0.084).

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