In August 2010, CVC Funds co-led the acquisition of the of Acument Global Technologies’ Avdel® and Global Electronics & Commercial ('GEC') businesses through an indirectly owned company to be renamed Infastech™ Ltd., grouping all the businesses of Avdel® and GEC under the new brand.

GEC and Avdel are leading global manufacturers of mechanical fasteners, such as screws, rivets and bolts, for use in the electronics, automotive, construction and industrial sectors, with a particular focus in the high-margin specialty fasteners segment. The businesses have been consolidated under one senior management team and have joined together to form Infastech.

Infastech is the primary supplier of engineered screws used in specialty end-applications such as RIM’s Blackberry and Apple iPhone handsets, operating in some of the fastest growing end segments in the fastener market. The company has been a supplier to its premium customers for periods ranging from 15 to 40 years, due to its strong engineering capabilities, strong brand and broad product portfolio.

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