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Climate change is one of the highest priority ESG issues for investors and an increasingly important business issue for companies. We are focused on understanding the challenges and opportunities for businesses posed by climate change in terms of both physical and transition risk.

A key step for businesses focused on managing the transition risk by reducing their carbon footprint is to have robust measuring and reporting processes in place in line with the GHG Protocol. We are engaging with portfolio companies to ensure that they are taking this foundational step on the path to setting credible decarbonisation targets.

In 2021, CVC became a member of the iCI, a GP-led initiative committed to actively engaging with private equity-backed companies globally to accelerate the transition to net zero. CVC is a member of the Net Zero Working Group.

In addition to working with portfolio companies, CVC is also committed to reducing its own CO2 emissions. CVC has been carbon neutral since 2019.

CVC EcoGrants

To help CVC's portfolio companies accelerate progress on environmental and CO2 reduction initiatives.

Find out more about how CVC's EcoGrant scheme is helping portfolio company DKV to become climate positive in its own operations by 2023 and helping customers to reduce their carbon emissions by 30% by 2030.

DKV Mobility – Using a CVC EcoGrant


Our Approach to ESG

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ESG Reporting

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