Poland's largest convenience store chain has provided funds, expertise and goods for a range of COVID-19-related initiatives. The business donated PLN 4.5m in cash to the Ministry of Health, with further PLN 2m reaching public hospitals through customer donations enabled by Żabka's loyalty programme. Żabka also delivered PLN 1.5m worth of PPE, food and drinks to local hospitals.

The Advanced Analytics Team at Żabka worked with the Ministry of Health, to build a predictive model for COVID-19 outbreaks, in order to help plan movements and optimise allocations of medical staff, ICU beds, ventilators and PPE.

Żabka Polska: Funding Poland's key health initiatives

The company also imported 34.5 million masks from China which are sold at cost across Żabka's store network. Finally, the company took good care of its staff, franchisees and customers, with (i) a range of measures implemented at the HQ and distribution centres, (ii) plexiglass shields and PPE deployed throughout the network to protect cashiers, (iii) distance markers, disinfectant spray and plastic gloves in each store available for customers. Żabka also launched click & collect and home delivery service in select stores to assist those customers who prefer to avoid shopping in person.