CVC strives to foster a supportive and inclusive working environment, where we leverage the unique contributions, abilities, voices and talents of our employees. We want to provide employees with the opportunity to achieve their full potential while working at CVC.

CVC's commitment

CVC's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, comprising senior leaders and colleagues from across our global network, was founded in 2016. The Committee is a catalyst for change at CVC, improving the way that CVC attracts, develops and retains its diverse and talented workforce.

Our commitment to diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion extends to our portfolio companies and the industry. CVC has a global network of 25 offices, and we want our teams to reflect the societies in which they are based.


CVC works with recruitment partners and organisations including Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, 10,000 Black Interns and OutInvestors to find the very best candidates from wide-ranging backgrounds and industries. Our selection process focuses on capability, not connections. We believe that successful investment candidates have the potential to become partners at CVC.


We invest time and provide tailored training to develop all our employees, supporting their careers and improving their performance in their chosen fields. Whether it's cultivating technical abilities, training for industry qualifications or coaching and mentoring, we offer our employees everything they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives.


We pride ourselves on offering employees a wide range of attractive employment benefits to complement an exciting career. Benefits include six months' paid parental leave for the primary care giver, best-in-class medical insurance and generous pension savings programmes to name a few. We are very proud that CVC has one of the highest employee retention rates in our industry.



We recognise the challenges and opportunities for business posed by climate change

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CVC Foundation

Our philanthropy programme aims to improve the prospects of young people in its local communities

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