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CVC Capital Partners

CVC Capital Partners is a global private equity and investment advisory business conducted through two separate corporate groups: CVC Capital Partners SICAV-FIS S.A. and its direct and indirect subsidiaries (the "CVC Management and Investment Business") and CVC Capital Partners Advisory Group Holding Foundation and its direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates (the "CVC Advisory Business").

The CVC Management and Investment Business is responsible for the investment and management of CVC Capital Partners Funds. This corporate group includes the CVC Capital Partners Funds' general partners.

The CVC Advisory Business is engaged by the CVC Management and Investment Business to provide investment advisory and other corporate support services. This corporate group includes CVC Capital Partners' international network of investment advisory offices. The CVC Advisory business also provides support services to the separate CVC Credit Partners business.

References to "CVC" on this website are to CVC Capital Partners and, as the context may require, CVC Credit Partners.

CVC Credit Partners

CVC Credit Partners is the separate CVC private debt business. For further information about CVC Credit Partners please click here.