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Launched in 2011, the CVC Foundation has a network-wide philanthropy programme, called CVC and the Community, which aims to make a positive contribution to society and help the lives and prospects of disadvantaged people particularly children and young people in the communities where we and our portfolio companies are active.

Opportunity for all

The CVC Foundation focuses its efforts on three key pillars: Education, Employability, and Entrepreneurship. Through these pillars, we aim to address socio-economic barriers by empowering individuals to secure meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities.

CVC and the Community


We collaborate with a range of charities and organisations across these pillars. By partnering with these entities, we leverage their expertise to expand the reach and impact of our initiatives. CVC provides a package of support that typically includes funding, pro bono expertise, employee volunteering and access to the wider CVC network.

Working with portfolio companies

The CVC Foundation has a long history of working with its portfolio companies on community programmes. This is an important pillar of our philanthropic work as it leverages the foundation's charitable efforts, while mobilising our resources to reach more communities and create a legacy of philanthropy with companies that lasts well beyond CVC's funds' period of ownership.

Making a real difference

CVC's focused philanthropic efforts have a real impact. The international CVC Young Innovator Awards were established in 2015 and, so far, we have awarded €1.4 million of grants to 96 entrepreneurs in the UK, USA, Spain, France, Poland, Brussels, Hong Kong, San Francisco and São Paulo to help create the business and social enterprises of the future.

CVC's employees are also philanthropically motivated and active in their local communities. They get involved in a number of ways: making donations, volunteering their time, providing pro bono advice, serving as board members of CVC-supported charities and through fundraising events.

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