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CVC's Strategic Opportunities team works in close partnership with CVC's country and sector teams to identify investment opportunities.

The strategy has a core focus on corporate private equity investments with a lower risk profile, primarily in Europe and North America, as well as the opportunity to partner with founding families or foundations looking for a long-term partner.

The enterprise values of the companies in which the Strategic Opportunities strategy invests are typically between €1 billion and €5 billion and more, with a longer holding period of around six to 15 years.

High-quality, stable businesses with longer holding periods

CVC Strategic Opportunities invests in control, co-control or minority influence opportunities in businesses that have the following qualities:

  • High quality, cash generative and stable businesses and/or assets with safe capital structures
  • Operating in low-volatility sectors and environments
  • Providing essential goods or services to non-cyclical sectors
  • Offering longer-term opportunities for strategic development

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