CVC Credit is pleased to announce that it has committed senior and acquisition facilities to support Ardian with its renewed investment into leading Italian pharmaceutical group, Neopharmed Gentili ("Neopharmed"), while also supporting NB Renaissance's fresh investment into the company.

Neopharmed is a market leader in therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular and neurology, and employs one of the largest networks of pharma representatives in Italy. During the partnership with Ardian, Neopharmed pursued a long-term growth strategy, expanding both organically and through an ambitious buy-and-build plan, which resulted in six M&A transactions in four years. This growth plan also saw the business strengthen and diversify its product portfolio, achieving revenues of €200m.


We see strong future growth and performance prospects for the group

Simone Zacchi Managing Director, CVC

Simone Zacchi, Managing Director at CVC Credit said: "Neopharmed is an Italian champion with steady and predictable revenues, which has historically outperformed the market, as a result of its powerful brand recognition, high quality products and large commercial salesforce that covers the majority of GPs in Italy. As a proven consolidator and as a fast-growing business under Ardian's stewardship, and now with the added support of NB Renaissance, we see strong future growth and performance prospects for the group."

Andrew Davies, Managing Partner and Co-Head of Private Credit at CVC Credit added: "We are very pleased to be partnering with Ardian and NB Renaissance for the first time. We are confident that Neopharmed's impressive outperformance of the Italian pharmaceutical market will continue, with the company capitalising on its synergistic platform to achieve sector-leading margins."