CVC Capital Partners plc, a global leader in private markets, is pleased to announce that Europe / Americas Fund IX, Asia VI and Strategic Opportunities III have been activated on 3 May 2024. These activations are at the earlier end of guidance (mid-2024), given increasing deployment activity.

Following the activation of the €26.8 billion1 Europe / Americas Fund IX (the largest private equity fund ever raised globally), and $6.8 billion2 Asia VI (50%+ larger than its predecessor fund), these funds will start charging management fees on committed capital, while predecessor funds (Fund VIII and Asia V) will start charging fees on invested capital at a lower rate (“step down”).

For Strategic Opportunities, management fees are calculated as a percentage of invested capital with no “step down” post investment period.

1 Fund size increased from €26.5 billion, to reflect final GP commitment / investment.
2 Including GP commitment / investment.