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Unily has taken significant steps to develop its ESG strategy with the support of CVC.

Since CVC’s initial investment in 2022, Unily has hired an ESG manager to drive initiatives at the operational level, and appointed the CFO as the executive sponsor for ESG. Unily has already conducted a high-level materiality assessment to help identify the most critical ESG issues for the company to address. With CVC's support, Unily is in the process of formalising its ESG strategy, identifying value creation initiatives and understanding the near-term reporting requirements. The company aims to align its activities with recognised frameworks and guidelines to enhance transparency and accountability in its ESG practices.

Unily has made a commitment to reducing GHG emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. Through its climate engagement programmes, CVC supported Unily to undertake its first GHG emissions baseline assessment and understand the data collection process. This assessment serves as a starting point for Unily to track and reduce its carbon footprint. Unily is now working with CVC and its advisors to develop a tangible decarbonisation roadmap.

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It’s exciting to see Unily maturing rapidly on ESG, with support from CVC. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with CVC and other portfolio companies as we continue this important journey

Jenny May ESG Manager

In addition, CVC's cyber security team engaged with Unily on cyber security processes. This has enabled Unily to further enhance its data privacy and information security measures. External verification has confirmed that Unily has advanced processes in place to manage and protect sensitive data.

With support from CVC's expertise and resources, Unily is making significant progress in its ESG journey. With a dedicated ESG manager, executive sponsorship, materiality assessment, GHG emissions baseline, and cyber security enhancements, Unily is well-positioned to meet its sustainability goals and demonstrate responsible business practices.