CVC Credit Partners wins the "Best long-short credit fund" for its Global Credit Opportunities Fund and "Best European CLO redeemed in 2014" for Cordatus Recovery Partners l at the Creditflux Manager Awards 2015 on the 6th May.

Jonathan Bowers, Senior Portfolio Manager commented "We are very pleased to have been recognised by Creditflux for a fourth consecutive year. The award winning recovery fund spanned 2008 until 2014 delivering performance through challenging markets. Full credit to the investment team!"

Oscar Anderson, Co-Portfolio Manager, said "Scott Bynum and I are honoured to be acknowledged by Creditflux on behalf of the Fund and our entire investment team."

CVC Credit Partners were also nominated for four additional awards, including, Creditflux Manager of the Year title (click here for full finalists listing and categories).

Creditflux's annual CLO awards are based on the liquidation IRR methodology and the IRR ranking for the best redeemed deal category. Liquidation IRR is the internal rate of return equity investors would receive if each competing CLO had been liquidated on 31st December 2014 and all assets sold at market value.

Creditflux is the leading information source globally for credit trading and investing, credit derivatives, structured credit, distressed credit. The awards recognise the very best within the credit space of the asset management industry, and they provide an impartial metric for evaluating a manager's performance.