Market Overview

Following the result of the UK's referendum on its membership of the EU, the initial sell-off in indices was on the back of thin trading volumes and activity. We saw bid-offer spreads widen and UK single name levels dropping at the start of the session, only to pair back some of the declines through to the end of the session.

In the days following the vote, credit indices have moved tighter (again on the back of low volumes) as the market digests policy impacts on a longer-term horizon. The predominant focus remains on how central banks will react, if needed, to steady the broader market environment.

The Leave result will likely have a dampening effect on the UK economy, as infrastructure and investment plans are put on hold, but we expect a less pronounced economic impact to the rest of the European economy. However, the questions surrounding the future of the EU as other member states may question their own membership will continue.  The UK's decision to leave the EU may lead to continued lender caution around underwriting risk, increased regulation and complexity, and a slowing of M&A deal activity.  We expect uncertainty throughout the summer as the next political steps in the UK unfold.

Against this backdrop, there will be opportunities of which to take advantage across the credit spectrum (performing and credit opportunities). Our active management of the portfolio over a longer-term horizon will enable us to weather the effects of a Brexit. The focus for 2016 remains central bank policy, US elections and global growth.

Market volatility naturally creates disconnections with fundamentals in single name credits, and the Fund is well-positioned to be proactive amidst this period of uncertainty.

Portfolio Overview

As discussed on the quarterly calls and monthly reviews, portfolio positioning into the Brexit was conservative whereby the portfolio ~

  • Increased exposures to European Performing Credit through 2016 as stability in this market is expected to continue, where the market has seen a 0.5-0.75% draw down the last week
  • Raised cash balances into the month end of June to allow for the portfolio to take advantage of any anticipated volatility
  • GBP exposures predominantly within Performing Credit (both leading domestic business as well as large cross border transactions) which carry strong credit fundamentals
  • Remained low fixed rate liquid high yield exposure - in particular USD cross border positions where the market should see risk off sentiment if uncertainty persists

The Credit Opportunities segment of the portfolio will experience heightened volatility given the risk profile of these assets. To note, GBP Credit Opportunities exposure is less than 1.5% mostly exposed to a single position where the credit fundamentals are solid. We remain comfortable with the Credit Opportunities exposures and anticipate that the pipeline will build in this strategy as the market progresses through this period of transition.

On the hedging side, the portfolio is currency hedged back to the underlying through non-margin swaps and, as such, we are not at any risk of mark to market margin calls on these hedges. We have also remained cash hedged against retail and commodities exposures.

Portfolio management remain cautious in our approach to the investment strategy, given the number of uncertainties ahead. However, management believes that the portfolio is well positioned to take advantage of developments as they flow through the market in the coming quarters.


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