CVC Credit Partners announced today that they had jointly arranged the acquisition financing for the acquisition of the PEI Group ("PEI") by Bridgepoint Development Capital, alongside HSBC.

PEI is a global leading provider of market insight and conferences for the fast-growing alternative markets of private real estate, infrastructure, agri-investing, private debt and private equity. With offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, PEI has grown exponentially in the recent years providing must-have information and organising some of the most successful and well-attended events across the alternative asset classes.

Neale Broadhead, Managing Director in CVC Credit Partners' European direct lending business, said: "In an age of increasing news sources, top quality editorial news is a must-have. PEI provides valuable insights and market intelligence, as well as industry-recognised events, to clients across the globe. We look forward to supporting Bridgepoint Development Capital as they work with PEI to increase the company's global footprint and offer its services to an increasing number of customers."